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I'm incredibly lucky to work at, the world's most trafficked financial markets platform. As my entry into fintech it's been a crash course in all the best ways. I'm a one-man band in the company whose work spans brand copywriting, UX and content design, email marketing, ASO, user acquisition and retention, and video production.  

UX Content Design

Nothing is more intimidating to the Average Joe than the world of global financial markets. My job for the past 4 years has been to provide everyone from first-timers to professional swing traders everything they need to get started with confidence - beginning with a user-friendly app experience.

Brand Copywriting

As the company's loyal brand guardian, I ensure that every last one of our touch points with our users feels personal, clear, and approachable. 

ASO and User Acquisition

Collaborating with both C-level stakeholders and product managers on KPI-driven campaigns, we've grown our user base by tens of millions of users across the world (250 global sites, to be exact).


From initial concept to scripting, storyboarding, shooting and editing, my end-to-end video productions have been used to greatly expand the brand's reach and educate existing users.