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Why Film?

Memories are precious. 

That's why we're all about capturing them in a format as timeless as childhood itself. 

Why film?

Beauty? Yes. Nostalgia? Absolutely. But it's also so much more than that.

Shooting on film demands a slower pace. It demands thought, precision, and sometimes a little patience. And while that typically means fewer pictures, in our experience it also usually means far more "keepers." 


Will it take longer to get my pictures?

Nope. Actually... It'll probably take much shorter. When you shoot on film there's not much need for touch-ups or editing after the photos are developed and scanned.

Is there a risk of "losing" photos?

We develop and scan our film 100% by hand, with fresh chemicals, in our own home (except for color film, which is developed at a nearby lab). For the last 12+ years we've never once lost a roll.

That said, part of the joy of shooting on film are the unexpected surprises you discover only after you see the final results. 

Can you shoot digital, too?

Of course! That's called a "hybrid shoot."

We offer a few pre-built packages and suggestions, but everything is customizable to what you want. 


What's the process like? 

It almost always begins with a consultation, either on the phone or in person. That's when we discuss things like what kind of look you like, if you prefer color or black-and-white (or both), etc.

As for the day itself, what matters most is that it's super comfortable and fun. For that reason you'll rarely hear us ask for a "posed" shot; we're more docu-style!

Where do the shoots take place?

We have a few favorite outdoor spots, but we're also more than happy to do a relaxed shoot at your home (that's something we'll brainstorm during the consultation). 



For customization as you see fit.


At Home

A casual, 2-hour shoot in the comfort of your home. Includes a 30-minute phone consultation prior to the day of the shoot to and final delivery of at least 40 high-resolution images.

Prices start at 2,500 kr.



Embrace the charm of Denmark's natural beauty (don't worry, we know a few *perfect* spots) with a mini-adventure off the beaten path. Includes a 1-hour consultation in person and at least 45 high-resolution images.

Prices start at 4,000 kr.



Have a special event, a family visit, or something else entirely? Let us know what you have in mind, and how we can help design the perfect package just for your special occasion.

Prices start at 2,500 kr.

Analog Add-ons

A few extra tricks up our sleeve.

LomoKimo Demo.gif


A modern home movie with a 100 year-old twist. Shot with a unique, hand-cranked movie camera and animated in stop-motion, each 30-second LomoKino is a delightful callback to cinema's earliest days.

1,500 kr. per LomoKino



The one, the only, the classic. These mini Polaroids make the ultimate decoration (our fridge is certainly full of 'em).


400 kr./ per pack (10 shots)



Get a distinctive look only analog can achieve. Shot with a special modified camera, these wide-angle shots literally burst out of the frame and onto the sprockets themselves.


800 kr. per Panorama (8 shots)

About u

About us 

We're two expats who moved to Copenhagen with our pug in 2022, welcomed our first child in 2023, and can't believe how time flies.

Rotem is the brains of this operation, and a skilled architect with over a decade of experience. She's currently completing her master's at the Royal Danish Academy.

Brett is a filmmaker and photographer. His films have screened in over 120 festivals and museum exhibitions including Cannes, SXSW and the Philadelphia MoCA. His analog portraits have been published in New York Magazine, USA Today and The Criterion Collection.

You can see more of Brett's photography here.






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